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A. Drogoul starts a new life

Audric Drogoul is joining Thales as a research engineer in Optimization after 2 years of postdoc in our Team. We wish him all the best for his career.

Cantin Baron defense

Cantin defended his thesis today on synaptic plasticity!

Q. Cormier defense

Quentin Cormier will defend today at 2pm his M1 thesis on plasticity. He will then visit Google for another internship.

Statistical hypothesis testing

A small set of lectures on statistical hypothesis testing is provided here. It is provided by Patricia Reynaud-Bouret.

Workshop « Heteroclinic dynamics in neuroscience », 17-18/12, LJAD

Nous co-organisons, Pascal Chossat, Martin Krupa, Mathieu Desroches et Frédéric Lavigne (labo BCL) un workshop « Heteroclinic dynamics in neuroscience », les 17-18 décembre au LJAD. Lien de la page web du workshop: ici. La participation et les déjeuners sont gratuits... $$\dot x = F(x,y)$$ $$\dot y = \epsilon G(x,y)$$