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Strangers in your Brain

A recent article in the New Yorker highlights some recent results obtained by Rusty Gage at the Salk Institute. Definitely worth a read.

Last day of Roberta Evangelista

Today is the last day at INRIA for Roberta Evangelista, she will start her PhD next Monday.

New intern Quentin joined our group

Quentin Cormier is joining our lab for an internship on synaptic plasticity co-supervised with E.Tanré.


Today starts the WORKSHOP on NASPDE 2015 at INRIA. The NASPDE workshop (Numerical Analysis of Stochastic PDEs) takes place once a year. The goal of this conference is to promote recent advances in Numerical Analysis related to Stochastic PDEs and/or Random Processes and their applications. It covers various domains from simulation and analysis of numerical schemes for PDE or SPDE, to propagation of uncertainty and the development of efficient simulation methods for random processes.

Course on Synapses, Neurons and Brains

An expert on dendrites, Idan Segev, gives a lecture at Coursera on the organization of the Brain.