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Please contact me if you want to work with me. We can discuss about working on several projects, as a collaborator or as a student.

Project1: Postdoc position

Postdoc position available : Postdoc in Theoretical Neuroscience funded by the Human Brain Project (SP4, theory). More informations here.

Project 2: CSD (Master level)

Mathematical modeling of Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD)

Summary of the project.
Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) refers to a wave of depolarized electrical activity that is generated in specific brain regions and propagates through large parts of the cortex; see for instance here. This is associated with pathological states of the brain that can correspond, depending on the case, to migraines or stroke. Our team for this project consists of three mathematician/modelers and one electrophysiologist. We have already derived a model accounting for the initiation of CSD, following a biological hypothesis for which the experimentalist of the team has preliminary data. This is a micro-circuit composed of two neural populations (each of which representated by one average neuron), one excitatory and one inhibitory. We also consider evolution equations for pump dynamics and slowly-varying ionic concentrations, which are known to play an important role in this ignition process. Our model is based on the conductance formalism [3] and it has been simulated using a dedicated software [2]. The main objectives of this internship are

  1. to understand our model and reproduce our simulations (see [1]),
  2. to port our code to an environment that supports larger simulations,
  3. to simulate large networks extending our model and possibly including noise terms.

More information here.

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