R. Veltz Interplay between synaptic delays and propagation delays in neural field equations SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 12(3), 2013 URL, RIS, BibTex
Neural field equations describe the activity of neural populations at a mesoscopic level. Although the early derivation of these equations introduced space dependent delays coming from the finite speed of signal propagation along axons, there have been few studies concerning their role in shaping the (nonlinear) dynamics of neural activity. This is mainly due to the lack of analytical tractable models. On the other hand, constant delays have been introduced to model the synaptic transmission and the spike initiation dynamics. By incorporating the two kinds of delays into the neural field equations, we are able to find the Hopf bifurcation curves analytically, which produces many Hopf-Hopf interactions. We use normal theory to study two different types of connectivity that reveal a surprisingly rich dynamical portrait. In particular, the shape of the connectivity strongly influences the spatiotemporal dynamics.


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