Contact me for the following programs. Alternatively, you may look at public repositories on my bitbucket or github accounts.

A Julia wrapper to call the LSODA algorithm by Linda Petzold and Alan Hindmarsh. It solves ODE by switching automatically between stiff and non-stiff methods.

Simulation of PDMPs in Julia based on this paper with speed on par with C. PDMP means piecewise deterministic Markov process.

  • Pytrilinos

I have been working with Bill Spotz from the Sandia Labs to develop PyTrilinos, e.g. the nonlinear / numerical continuation part, in Trilinos > v.12.

  • Neural fields equations in PETSc

Simulation of Neural Fields equations using petsc4py. This allows parallel and fast simulations of models $$\frac{d}{dt}V(x,t) = -V(x,t) + \int_\Omega J(x,y)S(V(y,t))dy,\ y\in\mathbb R^2$$

together with the numerical bifurcation analysis. The number of unknowns can be >$10^6$.

  • Hopf curves for DDE

Computing Hopf bifurcation curves for delay differential equations (paper), basically finding $\lambda\in i\mathbb R$ such that there is a solution in $U$ to

$$ \left(\lambda+l\right)  U_i(x)=\sum\limits_{j=1}^p\int\limits_\Omega   J_{ij}(x,y)e^{-\lambda\tau(x,y)}U_j(y)dy,\ 1\leq i\leq p,\ x,y\in\mathbb R^d$$