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I am a researcher at the Inria Centre at Université Côte d'Azur in the team Cronos.

What I am working on:

My current research is axed on descriptions and analysis of neural networks from the point of view of dynamical systems. My goal is to develop numerical / theoretical tools that allow an efficient study of these systems in order to draw predictions to be tested in experiments.

More specifically, I am interested in the following fields (not in a particular order):

Applications in theoretical neurosciences
  • Neural plasticity (synaptic...)
  • Spiking neural networks
  • Dendritic spikes
  • Signal integration in dendritic spines / synapses
  • Modelling of visual cortical areas and neural illusions
Dynamical Systems / Probability Theory
  • Hyperbolic PDEs
  • Nonlocal transport equations
  • Pattern formation
  • Jump processes / Point processes, stochastic dynamics
  • Harris recurrence
  • Delayed systems

Events and Committees

  • I organized the second ICMNS conference on mathematical neurosciences in June 2016. I am in the advisory board of the next editions.
  • I am in the Editorial Board of the journal Mathematical Neurosciences and Applications
  • I am in the Scientific committee of wavecomplexity
  • I am responsible for projects of the (Human Brain Project) HBP SGA3 program


"There never have been and never will be any 'applied sciences', there are only applications of sciences" -- (Pasteur)

"I have never heard of such a mathematician, he is actually a physicist" -- (Landau on Poincaré)